Roger Arve Vigulf is a brilliant musician and composer, known for his captivating solo performances and innovative compositions. With a professional career spanning over 35 years, Roger has established himself as one of the most talented and versatile artists in the industry. His music transcends genres, blending modern jazz, and contemporary music elements to create a unique and mesmerizing sound. Whether he is playing his own compositions or interpreting classical masterpieces, Roger's passion and artistry shine through in every note he plays. With his virtuoso skills and artistic vision, Roger Arve Vigulf continues to push the boundaries of music and captivate audiences around the world. 

Ensemble KammerKlang - Stallen Cafe

Ensemble KammerKlang perform works by Sandvik, Vigulf, Gundersen, Odriozola, Arnesen, Lönner, Smørdal

  • Date: 31.08.2024 06:30 PM
  • Location: Teatergata 2, Horten, Norway (Map)

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About my compositions

I seriously started composing music in the winter of 1995. Since then I have composed 175 works. Some of these have been supported financially from, among others, Norwegian Culture Council, Norwegian Composers' Association, Composers' Remuneration Fund, Fund for Sound and Image. Several of my works have received international attention. My works have been performed in Norway, Lithuania, Leeds, Ireland, the USA, the Netherlands. Most of my works are printed at the National Library in Oslo. The work "Mefisto & Buzzo" is printed by Norsk Musikkforlag, where I also have a composer contract. I have also had 2 CDs of my own music released. These are "Mythologie" which came out in 2010, and "clarinet ultimatum" which came out in 2013. I became a member of the Norwegian Composers Association in October 2011.

Some of my compositions can be seen performed at;
or go to "Music Player" on this homepage.
From my Solo repertoire
Clarinet solo(or with Electronics):
Roger Arve Vigulf - Mefisto & Buzzo
Roger Arve Vigulf - 18 Cadenzas
P. Boulez - Domaines
F. Donatoni - Clair
P. JeanJean - Arlequin
L. Radford - borders distances III
L. Radford - que la terre sòuvre
Bertil P.Johansen - Clariphone Melody
K. Bjørnstad - Sommernatt ved Fjorden(for Wedding/Funeral)
Chaplin - Limelights(for Wedding/Funeral)
Stefan Nilsson - Gabriella`s Sång(for Wedding/Funeral)

Brahms Sonate in E-flat major
Brahms Sonate in f-minor
Cahuzac - Cantiléne
Szalowski - Sonatina
Shcehedrin - Basso Ostinato

Clarinet & String Quartet/Trio:
Mozart - Clarinet Quintet
Brahms - Clarinet Quintet
Weber - Quintet
Roger Arve Vigulf - Birds never stop Singing
Roger Arve Vigulf - Bronze Licorice
Bjørn H. Kruse - Ornament
E.F. Bræin - The Merry musicians(cl,vln,vla,vcl.)
E.F.Bræin - Divertimento(cl,vln,vla,vcl.)
Penderecki - Quartet(cl,vln,vla,vcl.)
Per Chr. Arnesen - Clarimorphose
Jukka Linkola - Clarinet Quintet(1995)

Spohr - Sechs Deutche Lieder
S. Olsen - Trøytt Hjarte(cl/soprano)
Schubert - Hirt auf dem Felsten

Gunnar Berg - pour Clarinette et Violin
Kortenkangas - Iscrizione(cl/vcl)

Clarinet/Orchestra/Wind Band:
Mozart - Concerto
Rossini - Theme & Variations
Weber: Concerto No 1 & 2
Bjørn H. Kruse - Licorice Concerto (1984)
Roger Arve Vigulf - Concerto for Clarinet & Symphonic Band
  • Vardenlia 32F, Sandefjord, Norway; 932 375 478