Roger Arve Vigulf is a brilliant musician and composer, known for his captivating solo performances and innovative compositions. With a professional career spanning over 35 years, Roger has established himself as one of the most talented and versatile artists in the industry. His music transcends genres, blending modern jazz, and contemporary music elements to create a unique and mesmerizing sound. Whether he is playing his own compositions or interpreting classical masterpieces, Roger's passion and artistry shine through in every note he plays. With his virtuoso skills and artistic vision, Roger Arve Vigulf continues to push the boundaries of music and captivate audiences around the world. 

Concert with Kezbere, Vigulf, Tveit, Sørum, Odriozola - Sandefjord Kunstforening

A new piece by Sabine Kezbere, Roger Arve Vigulf, Anders Tveit. Performed by Inger Lise Sørum,flute, Roger Arve Vigulf, clarinet, Ricardo Odriozola,violin.

  • Date: 17.12.2023 07:00 PM
  • Location: Prinsens gate 16, Sandefjord, Norway (Map)

Price: kr200

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